Review of Trade on Sports NHL Betting System 2015/16

Now we are over the halfway stage in the NHL again I thought I would review our results for the Trade on Sports service.

Using my ratings I have compared these ratings to the opening lines on a couple of Las Vegas casinos and over the past 2 years I have found an edge.

Without giving away the full details, basically you are backing an odds on away favourite that shows negative value against the ratings.

When going back 2 seasons this system gave out 55 selections and a profit of +12.79 points

Last season it gave out 75 selections with a profit of +26.23 points

This season so far we have had 22 Selections, 14 winners, 8 Losers showing a profit of +4.17 pts

So since the start of 2013/14 season this system has given out 152 selections and a profit of 43.19 pts

I was looking back at my records and wondering why a negative rated favourite could be so successful and the only conclusion that I could come up with was that the layers were essentially laying a trap.

It looks to me that the Casinos are offering very good value on the home side whilst for whatever reason they do not seem keen on taking on the away side.

Obviously others will be using similar ratings models and when the home side looks to be well priced this will then attract money for the home side.

The only disappointment so far this season is the number of selections. It certainly looks unlikely that we will hit the 75 selections of last season and indeed we may be struggling to reach the 55 seen in 2013/14.

However whilst it is still showing an outstanding ROI then the system can be followed with some confidence.