IPL Ground Stat Sheets

The IPL season starts on Wednesday and myself and Matt Haynes have produced some IPL ground stats sheets to help in your trading decisions.

An example of the Hyderabad sheet can be found HERE

These sheets contain all of the IPL matches played on the grounds since 2012 and are useful in finding trading angles particularly after the power play.

If you want to get hold of the sheets then you have 2 options.

You can either join Trade on Tennis where we will have a separate Cricket Trading Room or you can receive the sheets as part of the Trade on Sports service of which details can be found HERE

Also anybody joining the Trade on Tennis service now has the option of receiving the Trade on Sports service completely FREE of Charge.

Now is a good time to join as the MLB season started on Sunday and the run line strategy has produced the following returns over the past 3 seasons

2016 252 Bets +9.00 (3.57

2015 164 Bets +18.63 (11.36% ROI)

2014 132 Bets +17.63 (13.35% ROI)

Total 548 Bets + 45.26 pts (8.25% ROI)

Details of what you can expect from the Trade on Sports service can be found HERE