Asian Handicap Betting Explained: Part One: The 0 Goal Line


Whilst compiling my analysis each weekend. I always based my selections around the handicap line. Over the period of the last few months I have received a number of emails from people that do not understand how Asian Handicaps work so I thought I would do a few pieces explain what each line means and how you are best using that particular line.

In this piece we are going to take a look at the 0 goal handicap and hopefully this should provide readers with a little more clarity into how these markets work.

When looking at an Asian Handicap, unlike the traditional match lines where you back either the Home side, the Away side or the draw. Here you can only back one side or the other.


0 Goal Handicap (Off Scratch)

Firstly we shall look at the 0 goal handicap line which is also sometimes referred to as ‘off scratch’

This handicap is used when both sides are very close in the betting and effectively the score at the start of the game is Home 0 / Away 0

So in the following example Stoke City are playing at home to Everton. You have had a look at the stats and analysis and everything indicates that Stoke look to be a good bet and although you think they represent decent value you also would like to keep the draw on your side

So here we could have Stoke City v Everton where the handicap prices are as follows

Stoke City 0 @ 1.90 and Everton 0 goals @ 2.00

You believe that this offers value so you place £20 on Everton 0 goals.

From here you have 3 scenarios

  1. Stoke City win. Here were Stoke to win you would win £19 and also have your £20 stake returned.
  2. The game ends a Draw. In this case your stake is returned
  3. Everton win. Here were Everton to win the game you would lose your £20 stake

Stoke do indeed go onto win the game 2-0 and you have profited by £19


Adjust your staking to the scenario

One of the advantages of betting on the Asian Handicap is that in some scenarios you can be bolder in your staking. For example in the above game in the traditional Home, Draw, Away lines (1×2) Stoke are priced at around 2.60 and here you have decided that due to Stokes very strong home record when facing mid table sides that you certainly do not believe Everton will win the game but you are very concerned about the draw and so here you place your normal £10 stake on Stoke and profit by £16

On the other hand by staking on the Asian Handicap you have the draw covered and you decide to be bolder by doubling your stake to £20 knowing that you have the draw on your side and in this case you would have profited by £19.

Using the same staking and if the game had ended a draw you would have lost your £10 in the first scenario but would have come out with no loss in the second.

However if Everton had won the game you would also have not only lost the £10 in the first scenario but would have also lost £20 in the second. So you should certainly think carefully on which games you may look to employ this strategy. By carefully profiling games you will soon become aware which games you can be bolder on.


Advantages of Betting Asian Handicap v Traditional High Street Bookmaker

Now some of you will recognise this as being the same as the popular high street bookmakers Draw No Bet and indeed it is. However when betting on the Asian Handicap there are generally 2 advantages.

  1. The odds you receive are generally better as the Asian firms are working to much smaller margins than the traditional bookmakers and
  2. Should you wish to you can place far more money down with an Asian Handicap bookmaker than you can with the high street bookmakers who tend to restrict how much a player can bet.

I hope this explains this particular market for you and I shall be covering further markets in detail further down the line